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Jiomax Multi-Speciality Hospital is a growing healthcare institution in the city planning to establish the optimum healthcare facilities for the people of the nation.


About Jiomax Multi Super Speciality hospital

Jiomax Multi Super Specialist hospital is a cumulative thought of our group came into existence. A forward step towards making society a healthy and better one.

Jiomax Multi Super Specialist aims to bridge a gap of best services to the most of the needed of the country. Access the optimum services with the best technology under the surveillance of caring staff and doctors

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Professional Staff
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Wel Come to Jiomax Multi-Super Speciality Hospital

Jiomax Multi Speciality hospital is founded with a vision as a quality care provider and dedicated to being a credible health care institution. It is our goal to serve the need of the community and gain their trust and confidence. This website is the platform that will lead you to all the information regarding Jiomax Multi-Super Speciality hospital.

Professional Staff

Jio Max hospital is equipped with an excellent team of health professionals to deliver satisfactory and ethical services.

24/7 Medical Services

Jio Max Hospital exceeds the requirement of providing quality medical services with 24-hour emergency doctors available.

Our Doctors:

We have an experienced and trusted doctors team having several different titles. They provide various health check-up plans to deliver accurate health diagnoses.

Emergency Treatment

Jio Max Hospital provides prompt care to a traumatic patient, significant illness, or other issues which require immediate treatment. We have primary staff, including physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who provide care quickly as possible.


Meet Our Doctors

The doctors of Jio Max hospital are on their toes 24x7 to provide the best treatment to all emergency patients.


Our Medical Services

Jio Max Hospital exceeds the requirement of providing quality medical services with 24 hour emergency doctors available.

Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

Gastroenterology, GI Surgery and Bariatric Surgery

Nephrology and Urosurgery

Cancer department: Medical and Surgical Oncology

General and Laparoscopic surgery

Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgery

Trauma & Emergency services

Internal Medicine & Intensive care unit(ICU)