Cancer department: Medical & Surgical Oncology

What is Medical oncologists?

Medical oncologists treat cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapies, biological therapies, and other targeted treatments. People often think of the medical oncologist as their primary cancer doctor.

Medical oncologists help their patients manage side effects, and they help monitor and maintain well-being. A lot of the time, patients follow up with their medical oncologists after treatment is complete.

What is Surgical oncologists?

A surgical oncologist may be one of the first doctors you see if your primary care physician suspects that you have cancer. Surgical oncologists often perform biopsies, removing a small section of tissue so it can be checked for cancer cells.

If cancer cells are present, then you might see the surgical oncologist again — this time to have the tumor and surrounding tissues removed. The surgeon will help you prepare for and also recover from any surgical procedures you have during cancer treatment.