We perform all types of major and complex, benign and Malignant, laparoscopic/open Gastro-Intestinal, Liver, Pancreatic, and biliary system surgeries. Most GI cancer operations are done by laparoscopy in our hospital. Our team of highly qualified and skilled Surgical Gastroenterologists and Surgical Oncologists work as a team to ensure the best quality care for GI Cancer patients.

GI Cancer Surgery

We do surgeries for cancers arising from GI system organs by Laparoscopic with excellent short and long-term outcomes. We follow the principles of Oncology and minimally invasive surgery to give the best possible results to our patients. advantages of Laparoscopy in GI cancer surgeries are well proven in studies. We are committed to providing quality cancer care to all our GI cancer patients.


Obesity is a dangerous disease that affects a large population of the world. People try dieting, exercise, medications, and many other methods for weight loss but remain unsuccessful in most cases. We provide individualized treatment for people suffering from obesity. Studies have proven that bariatric surgery is the most effective treatment for obesity and metabolic syndrome. We specialize in bariatric and metabolic surgeries with excellent results. Once you select us, then transfer all your fears and worries to us, We will make sure that you get the best results possible by this treatment.

We perform routinely following GI AND HPB cancers operations

  • Laparoscopic/ thoracoscopic esophagectomy
  • Lap/open D2 gastrectomy
  • Lap Distal pancreatectomy
  • Lap resection of bowel mass
  • Lap colectomy(left, right, total)
  • Lap anterior resection,APR
  • Lap/open radical cholecystectomy
  • Open liver resection(hepatectomy)
  • Open Whipple operation

Jiomax Multi-Super Speciality Hospital is well known for providing advanced patient care and a pleasant hospital experience. We have state-of-the-art operation theaters with the latest equipment and a highly qualified bariatric team led by Dr. Ram Raksha Pal Rajput a prominent name among Bariatric and Gastrointestinal surgeons of India.