Dr. Ravi Raj

Dr Ravi Raj

Onco Surgeon & Medical Director


Dr. Ravindrasinh Raj is a highly successful Oncosurgeon from Gujarat with significant presence and contribution in the Onco Research Clinical Practices across India and abroad.
In charge of South Gujarat for " SANJIVANI RATH " A mobile van Containing Sonography, Mammography and Colposcopy machines in it for screening of cancer - A Rural Outreach program of Govt. of Gujarat. - Principal Investigator for a Cohort Study on impact of tumor volume on prognosis of Oral Cancers.
Working on cancer registry in the south Gujarat territory & incharge of " CANCER ATLAS PROJECT " of ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research ) for South Gujarat.

About Dr. Ravi Raj

Dr Ravi Raj is strong promoter of function preserving oncosurgery. In today’s world, treatment of cancer as disease is so much improved that survival of patients is almost assured (if timely treated).When such treated patients lives long life, their fear for cancer and death vanish with time and then they look for better quality of life. But that is not possible after so many months/years. The Surgeon has to plan the surgery well in advance for such long term outcome. Dr Ravi Raj works very meticulously on this aspect. Procedure like Breast conservation, mammoplasty, reconstruction of new artificial breast gives excellent cosmetic outcome and psychological boost to patients with breast cancer. Wide degree of mouth opening, adequate chewing and deglutition, effective clear speech and better looks of face achieved by mandibular reconstruction and artificial tongue reconstruction for oral cancers help the patients to great extent.

It is also known as Minimally Invasive Supra- Omohyoid Neck Dissection (MISOND) or ENDOSCOPIC NECK DISSECTION. This is done in early oral cancer, wherein primary disease can be treated intra orally but the Selective neck dissection (SOND) needs external scar. Dr Ravi Raj technique is completely scar less. It can be done by routine laparoscopic instruments only. It has been popular among many surgeons across the world and more than 2000 surgeons have been following this technique leading to benefit thousands of patients.

Awards & Recognition

  • GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS for Non stop 101 hour of cancer surgeries under one roof. Recieved 2 LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS.
  • 2012 – Largest oral screening camp (2182 pt) under one roof.
  • 2013 – Mega Breast cancer screening camp in tribal population in Dang Dist. of Gujarat. (40000 tribal women screened)